Alloy Navigator 5.2 New Features Include Advanced Workflow, Support for Recurring and Global Tickets, Software License Compliance and More

Nutley, NJ – February 6, 2007 – Alloy Software, Inc., a leading provider of service management, asset management, and network management software solutions, today announced the release of Alloy Navigator 5.2 – an enhanced version of its widely used IT service desk management suite. The new Alloy Navigator 5.2 provides a broad range of features and functionality to automate and optimize IT service and support operations as well as other business-critical processes. Some of the new features in Alloy Navigator 5.2 include advanced workflow, support for recurring and global tickets, enhanced software license compliance and a highly customizable sidebar for agents to customize and personalize their work environments.

Addressing the growing need for IT organizations to manage complex processes, Alloy Navigator‘s advanced workflow automation functionality supports parent/child dependencies. This enables seamless tracking of complex support processes such as problem management and change management. In addition, the Work Order functionality for task management facilitates handling of complex activities and projects such as the tasks associated with hiring a new employee, updating a server, migrating applications, etc.

With global tickets, agents can easily link multiple incidents to a common problem, and notify users once the issue is resolved. This is especially useful when multiple users or groups experience some type of problem, such as no Internet connectivity or trouble with email. Additionally, recurring tickets allow agents to create templates for scheduled events, and set reminders to perform tasks on a certain date and time. This is extremely useful for scheduling backups and other routine IT maintenance tasks on a regular basis.

Expanding on its integrated asset management capabilities, Alloy Navigator 5.2 also includes enhanced software license compliance with improved reporting functionality. This allows users to identify any disparity between purchased software licenses and actual installations.

In addition to some of the internal functionality, Alloy Navigator 5.2 provides many enhancements to the interface, including a new Microsoft Outlook-style sidebar that allows agents to customize and personalize their work environment and tools.

“Based on the feedback from our customers, the 5.2 release further improves on our product’s core strength – the ability to effectively facilitate real world processes and operations in highly dynamic IT support environments,” explained Matthew Hull, Director of Technical Services at Alloy Software. “Alloy Navigator is now one step closer to our idea of a system which can quickly be deployed to fulfill the immediate needs of any size IT organization yet evolve to meet increasingly more complex demands.”

Other features of Alloy Navigator 5.2 include improvements to email management, knowledge management and the Web Portal, all focused on providing a better self-service experience. The Web Portal now supports service level agreements (SLAs) based on priority and due dates built-in to the tickets. It also allows users to browse the knowledge base by company-defined categories. Alloy Navigator also includes enhanced change management functionality to process all types of change requests.

Pricing & Availability

Available today, Alloy Navigator 5.2 is priced per agent and audit node. Pricing for a three-agent license supporting 100 nodes is $3,845 (which includes maintenance).

About Alloy Navigator

Alloy Navigator provides a centralized service desk platform to proactively administer all aspects of IT service management. It offers a powerful suite of tools to standardize, simplify, and streamline IT operations, and improve service delivery, including self-service. Leveraging industry best practices, Alloy Navigator enables organizations to automate incident, problem, change, configuration, and service management.

About Alloy Software

Established in 2002, Alloy Software is a leading provider of service management, asset management, and network management software solutions that help organizations of all sizes automate IT operations. The company’s flagship solution, Alloy Navigator, is a comprehensive IT service management solution based on industry principles. It includes a centralized service desk environment with integrated asset management, configuration management, and change management tools. Used worldwide, Alloy Navigator helps service and support organizations optimize IT resources, improve productivity and financial processes, ensure software license compliance and reduce costs. For more information contact Alloy Software at (973) 338-0744 or visit

Innovation and Affordability in a Well-Integrated IT Service Management Suite featuring Enterprise-Level Functionality Based on Industry Best Practices

Bloomfield, NJ – January 23, 2006 – Alloy Software, Inc. announces the immediate release of Alloy Navigator 5. Based on industry best practices, Alloy Navigator delivers the tools to run highly efficient and cost-effective support operations, automate and optimize critical business processes, and maximize business performance.

Alloy Navigator 5 is designed in accordance with the Service Management best practices of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). ITIL principles have been widely recognized as industry-proven guidelines for rapidly improving the efficiency of IT service delivery. Alloy Navigator 5 enables IT departments to implement a service support and asset management system that is closely aligned with the priorities of the business.

Alloy Navigator 5 offers a robust and comprehensive framework for IT service delivery and support, traditionally available only in high-cost enterprise-level products, yet is competitively priced. Alloy Navigator 5 is fully scalable to handle the most complex business processes, yet flexible to support the ever-changing needs of current business operations. Easy to implement and maintain, Alloy Navigator 5 is a perfect fit for companies ranging from small IT shops with a single technician to large and widely distributed organizations with dozens of IT staff. This innovative, cost-effective approach to IT Service Management makes Alloy Navigator 5 the industry’s truly universal solution.

Alloy Navigator 5 delivers significant business benefits by managing IT as an integrated service:

  • Invest wisely in ITIL best practices
  • Implement world-class Service Desk standards
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Maximize business performance
  • Ensure and exceed customer service expectations
  • Control enterprise-wide IT infrastructure change
  • Optimize enterprise-wide intellectual capital
  • Increase bottom-line profitability

Alloy Navigator 5 allows for rapid implementation of the core IT processes of incident, problem, change, configuration, and service management. Implementing Alloy Navigator 5 does not require comprehensive knowledge of ITIL. In addition, industry best practices indicate that new IT processes should be introduced gradually, and Alloy Navigator 5 is designed with this approach in mind. Even for organizations that have no immediate plans to follow ITIL guidelines across the board, Alloy Navigator 5 still presents the ideal opportunity to implement an innovative and affordable IT service management solution that will standardize, simplify, and streamline IT operations, and improve service delivery.

Offers New Macintosh OS X Auditing Solution

Bloomfield, NJ – October 1, 2004 – Alloy Software, Inc. announced today that it has started beta testing a Macintosh version of its powerful Inventory Analyzer auditing agent for both its Asset Navigator IT service management suite and its Alloy Network Inventory hardware/software inventory solution. Asset Navigator and Network Inventory Navigator use the Inventory Analyzer to audit computers and peripherals and automatically generate a wealth of valuable data about those machines and their installed software products.

Alloy Software already offers Windows and Linux versions of its Inventory Analyzer.

With the Macintosh Inventory Analyzer, new and existing Alloy Software customers will now have the value-added option of quickly and easily auditing all machines that are running the hot new Mac OS X (and any future version of the Mac OS).

“The Macintosh Inventory Analyzer is being launched in direct response to the rapidly emerging Mac OS X market,” said Vladimir Vinogradsky, Alloy Software’s President and CEO. “Alloy Software is dedicated to continually supporting the changing needs of all of our IT customers by aligning with the latest industry trends in tools and technologies. This strategic initiative targets the tremendous volume of new and existing Mac business users worldwide who will now be able to capitalize on the crucial benefits of a fully automated hardware and software audit solution.”

Alloy Software is officially inviting beta testers to participate in the initial round of its Macintosh development effort. Beta testers will receive performance-based discounts. Interested testers are encouraged to call Alloy Software at 800-810-9020 (US toll-free) or +1-973-338-0774 (International), or send email to

The Macintosh Inventory Analyzer will provide a host of demonstrated advantages to IT infrastructure administrators – from small and mid-sized IT groups with a limited number of Macintosh platforms to large organizations that are now using the Macintosh across the entire enterprise. (All-Mac organizations can administer the Windows-based Asset Navigator from a single site machine.) And groups that currently run a mixed Windows and Macintosh user environment can now deploy the Macintosh Inventory Analyzer to audit all of their workstations.

The Macintosh Inventory Analyzer offers an array of benefits across a broad range of industries, including the publishing, advertising, graphic design, and entertainment industries; educational, scientific, engineering, government, and research institutions; the growing wireless market; traditional all-Unix markets integrating with the Macintosh; and now for an increasing number of corporate organizations that are embracing the Mac OS X as a viable enterprise solution. With the new Macintosh Inventory Analyzer option, Alloy Software will effectively bridge the gap among a diverse set of OS environments and pave the way towards the successful audit of virtually any and all IT infrastructures.

Alloy will offer competitive pricing on the upcoming Macintosh Inventory Analyzer. For more information, call Alloy Software at 800-810-9020 (US toll-free) or 1-973-338-0774 (International), or send email to