We are excited and proud to bring you the next generation of Alloy Navigator Express. Version 6 is not merely an update of the older product. We designed Alloy Navigator Express 6 based on our Enterprise solution, without the complexity and administration overhead required of a larger product, and focused on the things you have told us are most important to you.

We believe you are going to be as excited about the finished product as we are. Its ability to help you manage your IT assets, provide solutions to your end users and handle the ever increasing workload is impressive.

Ticket Prioritization

Some departments, categories or VIPs may require high priority, but others? Not so much. With ANX6’s new prioritization policies you can easily ensure your response fits the situation every time. Now you can focus on making your end users happy instead of figuring out which task to handle next.

Automatic Ticket Routing

It’s never been so simple to automatically delegate incoming issues to the right technician. You no longer have to waste time trying to figure out who handles what each time a ticket is created. Assignments can now occur the moment a ticket is received and the assignee is notified immediately to avoid delays assisting the customer.

Event Based Escalations

In ANX6, escalations are a whole new ball game. Now you can escalate tickets for virtually any reason you can think of and then automatically reassign, change the status or priority and even email whomever you would like to alert them about the situation. Needless to say, nothing will slip through your fingers.

Business Process Automation

For times when the redundancy of work gets you down, business process automation tools of Alloy Navigator Express come to the rescue. There is no reason to spend your day doing data entry when you could be saving the company one solution at a time.


The ability to communicate effectively with your fellow technicians and end users is critical. Whether you have planned outages, unavailable services or you want to make sure everyone attends the emergency team meeting, you’ve got to get the message out there. In ANX6, you can choose whether end users see an announcement in the Self‐Service Portal, Technicians see them in the Main Console or both.


You need a no nonsense way to monitor IT operations and the ANX6 dashboard was made specifically for that very reason. Whether you need to maintain a bird’s eye view by accessing charts and graphs, and the latest announcements or you just want to jump to the areas you access most, the dashboard acts as your personal command center.

Change History Alerts

You need to know the moment an important inventory change happens without having to sift through tons of data. Unwanted software installations, low hard drive space and other hardware or software related changes can cause unnecessary issues. Change history alerts make sure you are proactively on the ball and informed at every moment.

Microsoft Exchange Integration

For those of you who use Microsoft Exchange, we’ve just made your life easier. Say goodbye to SMTP, POP3 and IMAP ‐ unless of course you prefer them. Seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange makes all those things a distant memory.

Enhanced Self Service Portal

Keep your end users up to speed with Announcements, provide anonymous access to your knowledge base and provide managers access to their employee’s tickets ‐ and that is not all. We have added a ton of customization abilities so you can make the portal your own. Oh, and we have made it look really sweet too.

There is much more!

We have added a ton of supporting features to ANX6 that are going to make providing great customer service so much easier. We have implemented visual improvements, extended your ability to customize the product and have made it easy to automate the way you work. This way you can focus more on the needs of the customer.


Whether you are struggling with managing your inventory, handling the issues and requests that come across your desk or any of the other IT related situations that need your attention on a daily basis, we have designed Alloy Navigator Express to be the solution you can rely on.

We are excited to provide you with this exceptional tool because we know it will allow you to do great things within your organization. Your success is Alloy’s success!

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