General Questions

Is Alloy Navigator Express based on ITIL?
No. Alloy Navigator Express implements only the basic Asset Management and Incident Management functionality. However, the simple and easy approach of Alloy Navigator Express is heavily based on industry best practices and direct feedback from thousands of worldwide customers.
Will our organization need to change the existing procedures and practices in order to implement Alloy Navigator Express?
No. The product can be customized to accommodate your existing workflow and objectives for helpdesk management.
What size organization is Alloy Navigator Express targeted towards?
Alloy Navigator Express is the ultimate fit for small and medium organizations with the number of IT personnel ranging from 1 to 15.
Will I be able to take a gradual approach to implementing Alloy Navigator Express?
Yes. You can decide for yourself where to start. Essentially, there are two choices for a gradual implementation. You can begin with gaining control over your hardware and software infrastructure, then implement help desk processes. Or, you can begin with implementing the help desk module to tie it in later with the asset information. Either way, you can always speak with our Technical Services team to help you plan and execute the implementation in accordance with your objectives.
Will I be able to receive assistance with planning my Alloy Navigator Express implementation?
Yes. Our Professional Services staff is here to provide the support, training, and consulting you may want to gain maximum value from your Alloy Navigator Express deployment. Our staff members are not only experts in using our own software products, but are seasoned IT veterans with solid theoretical knowledge and extensive real-world experience in IT practices.

Migrating from Alloy Navigator Express 5

Will I be able to upgrade from Alloy Navigator Express 5?
Alloy Navigator Express 6 is designed to allow for an effortless upgrade from version 5.
How will upgrading to Alloy Navigator Express benefit my organization?
The benefits of upgrading to Alloy Navigator Express are outlined on the Upgrade Benefits page.
What is the cost to upgrade to Alloy Navigator Express?
The upgrade price depends on several factors including the number of technicians that will be using the product, number of computers in your inventory, and whether you are on the support and maintenance plan for Alloy Navigator Express 5. Please contact our sales team so they can analyze your requirements and provide you with a price quote.
Will I be able to modify default reports included with Alloy Navigator Express 6 or design my own reports?
You would need Crystal Report Designer to create new reports or to customize existing reports.
Can Alloy Software help me plan and implement my upgrade?
The upgrade is very simple and straightforward. However, if necessary, our specialists can thoroughly examine your current practices and business priorities to develop strategic and technical plans for the migration.

New Customers

What are the key features of Alloy Navigator Express 6?
Key features of Alloy Navigator Express are described on the Features Summary page. From there, please download the Alloy Navigator Express Data Sheet to learn more about its features.
What is the cost of Alloy Navigator Express?
The price of the starter package of Alloy Navigator Express, including 1 technician account, 100 audit nodes and 1 year of maintenance and support is $900. To estimate the cost of additional technician accounts or audit licenses please contact our sales team.
Will I need to buy database server software to use Alloy Navigator 6?
Not necessarily. Alloy Navigator Express Edition is bundled up with the free copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, which is generally sufficient to host the product’s database in environments with less than 1000 computers and 10 technicians. Even in a larger environment, the SQL Server Express Edition may still be sufficient. Please contact our sales team for help with analyzing this feasibility. However, if you already own a license for Microsoft SQL Server, you can host your database on the existing server.
Is separate report designer software required to generate reports?
No. Alloy Navigator Express 6 includes a standalone reporting module, which provides the ability to print standard reports included with Alloy Navigator Express.