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Postby serraivan on Tue May 07, 2002 11:14 am

Does exist a LINUX ina32 version?
If i want scan any pc\'s under UNIX what can i do?
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Postby Support Team on Wed May 08, 2002 2:04 am

No, currently there is only Windows version.
Perhaps in the future (near future) we will start development of Linux version.
Support Team


Postby isamoylov on Sat May 11, 2002 10:46 am

Nice program indeed.
The above question if - of course - pertinent, and we\'re pleased to see the Linux version will come in a \"near future\".
just to fix ideas, could you provide a timeframe for this? This is pretty much interesting for us as well as for our customers.
Thank you.
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Alpha testing for Linux started

Postby Support Team on Tue Nov 25, 2003 12:23 am

The Inventory Analyzer module is currently in Alpha testing.
You are welcome to participate.
Support Team


Postby crane001 on Thu Jul 08, 2004 3:39 pm

How can we sign up for Alpha testing? I really like the product so far and would like to use it on our handful of Linux boxes.
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Postby Support Team on Fri Jul 09, 2004 11:54 am

Thank you for your interest.
The pre-release testing for the Linux agent has finished.
The Inventory Analyzer for Linux will be released next week.
Support Team

Postby serraivan on Thu Oct 07, 2004 2:55 am

please let me know
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Postby moroz on Thu Oct 07, 2004 1:15 pm

New Features

Linux Inventory Analyzer

The Linux Inventory Analyzer (Lina) is now available as an optional module for auditing Linux machines.

For more information please visit our Latest News web page at .
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Postby maristella on Tue Mar 28, 2006 5:50 am

How may I have this package please?
i cannot find it in the installation directory.
I've read that is an optional module,
buo I cannot find where to download.

thanks a lot,
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Postby pille on Tue Mar 28, 2006 10:00 am

The Linux Analyzer is included with Alloy Navigator 5. You can configure it using the Linux and Mac Analyzers tab in the Inventory Server Configurator.
Contact Technical Services directly:

Paul Ille
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