Asset Navigator 4.0 Released

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Asset Navigator 4.0 Released

Postby Support Team on Wed Apr 02, 2003 11:15 am

Alloy Software is proud to announce the latest major release 4 of Asset Navigator!

Our flagship product has been signigicantly extended and improved. This release introduces support for large businesses with Asset Navigator Enterprise Edition. This new edition is based on MS SQL Server 2000 platform, and offers extended scalability and reliability in multi-user environments.

Among other improvements, the new release of Asset Navigator offers the following advanced features:

  • Asset Navigator now supports NT Integrated Authentication for managing access to the database
  • Implemented integration with Active Directory for managing security setting and user information
  • Added Knowledge Base feature for improved Help Desk support
  • Enhanced User Management for better handling of access permissions for web users
  • Increased control over the configuration of audit settings from within Asset Navigator
  • Added Integration with external tools, such as VNC, PC Anywhere, Netmeeting, etc.
  • The Enterprise edition features new configurable Escalation Manager for automated and flexible escalation of Help Desk tickets
  • New navigation tree that facilitates access to any module and view
  • New customizable Start Page for quick and easy navigation and access to frequently used functions
  • Change History tracking for reporting changes in hardware configurations
  • New Technician's Web Help Desk module gives the technicians and help desk managers the ability to manage trouble tickets through the web browser
  • Help Desk notification templates now offer new macros for adding items from the activity log
  • End users can now attach files to help desk tickets submitted through the web front-end
  • New and improved look-and-feel of web modules
  • Now users can submit trouble tickets via e-mail
  • New Color Highlighting feature allows to define different color groups based on custom criteria
  • Audit Files can be now automated loaded by a schedule
  • Improvements in the Purchase Orders module - the user can now create PO lines from a list of frequently ordered items.

For upgrade information please contact our sales team at <A HREF=""></A>

Thank you.
Support Team

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