Asset Navigator 3.0.6 Released

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Asset Navigator 3.0.6 Released

Postby Support Team on Tue Nov 26, 2002 11:40 pm

The latest maintenance features the following improvements:

<LI>Help Desk: Added a \"Close Ticket\" action</LI>
<LI>Deployment Wizard / Inventory Analyzer</LI>
<LI>added an ability to define custom input and selection fields</LI>
<LI>added an ability to define custom registry key mappings</LI>
<LI>added WMI Filter maintenance page</LI>
<LI>added Asset Tag Options page</LI>

Also, this release addresses the following issues:

<LI>Fixed a problem with being unable to close the Report Designer in some cases</LI>
<LI>Fixed problems with switching from data editing to another window without saving the edited record first</LI>
<LI>Fixed problems with changing database while a record is in edit state</LI>
<LI>Fixed a problem with the login window losing input focus when an incorrect login name or password is entered</LI>
<LI>Fixed typos in some error messages and window captions</LI>
<LI>Fixed issues with user permissions while working with the Library module</LI>
<LI>Fixed issues with user permissions while working with Lookup tables</LI>
<LI>Fixed an issue with the IP address not propagating into the computer record after updating the default IP address through the \"Select IP Address\" dialog</LI>
<LI>Fixed problems with creating new records from a template when the user has not saved changes to the current asset record</LI>
<LI>Fixed the issue with the \"Open Item in New Window\" action generating a new asset record when the database is empty</LI>
<LI>The \"Set as Primary\" button is now disabled when there is IP address listed</LI>
<LI>Fixed the problem with freezing the dialog window when a user without edit permissions clicks a calendar button</LI>
<LI>Fixed issues with some warning message popping up twice</LI>
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