SQL hourglass...

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SQL hourglass...

Postby ICT Tebodin on Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:57 am

Does anyone experience this same performance issue: every time the database needs to be consultated the sql hourglass appears? This was not the case in AN5. Every time I use alloy 6 I have a lot of 'waiting time'... (mostly it is 10 seconds, but sometimes it goes up to 10 minutes) Can I fix this somehow in e.g. the configuration or the server settings?
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ICT Tebodin
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Re: SQL hourglass...

Postby VTBanker on Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:50 pm

This is usually because of the number of tabs you have open across the top of the program or the refresh option under Tools-Options-General tab could be set too low. I find I have the same problem with slowness if the refresh is ticked at all. I usually un tick the refresh option and just hit the F5 key on occasion and it works better. This was the same for AN5 as well.
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Re: SQL hourglass...

Postby janstonselig on Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:42 am

Yeah, I have this too. It's a combination like VT said.

It also seems to get worse the more records I have showing on each tab. For instance, if I have 3 tabs open and each tab has 20,000 records and then I have auto refresh set it's much slower than if I have 500 records on each tab.

So, if you have multiple tabs open and want to have auto refresh, I would get religious about using advanced filters in your views. NOT quick filters. I didn't realize the distinction until support told me, but quick filters will filter data out after the view is loaded and advanced filters will filter the data prior to the view loading.

Let's say you have 20,000 incidents. If you have a quick filter set to show only Assigned status, loading that view will load all 20,000 incidents and then remove any incidents that aren't in Assigned status. If you have an advanced filter set to do the same thing the view only loads the incidents set to Assigned status. This may be only 200 incidents. That's a big difference in how many records are loaded.

So 3 tabs with quick filters vs 3 tabs with advanced filters makes all the difference.

Hope that makes sense.
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