Confusion regarding tickets: "Resoved" vs "Closed"?

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Confusion regarding tickets: "Resoved" vs "Closed"?

Postby dshultz on Mon May 10, 2010 11:04 am

We're moving from Asset Navigator 4.5 to 5.3, and I'm having some trouble understanding the "correct" procedure for dealing with tickets that are completed.

In AN4.5, most of our technicians use the desktop client (instead of the web portal), and we would always complete a ticket by selecting "Closed" from the "Status" drop-down. Even using the web portal, I don't even see an "Actions" menu anywhere, but the "Status" drop-down is there.

With version 5.3, we'd like to start using the web portal instead, and there doesn't seem to be any way to change the "Status" of a ticket, other than using the "Actions" menu and selecting "Close ticket-->Closure Code". Some of us will still use the desktop client though, and that does allow for changing the ticket Status directly, so I need to make sure everyone's doing the right thing.

What's the intended difference between selecting Action-->Close (and selecting a closure code), vs clicking on the tickets "Status" drop-down and choosing "Resolved"? I don't know if we were ever doing this right in the old version, and I can't find any documentation that clearly explains how this is supposed/intended to be used.
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Re: Confusion regarding tickets: "Resoved" vs "Closed"?

Postby janstonselig on Tue May 18, 2010 1:33 pm

difference between 'Status > Close' and 'Actions > Close' is that 'Actions > Close' pops up a dialog box that allows you to fill in other fields like closure code (I think)

but imo there's more to this than just that. the question is should you use either? I'd suggest no. I used to do the same type of thing until support educated me a bit on how things work in 5. they convinced me that I shouldn't close tickets, but instead resolve them. here's why

if you close a ticket the requester can't update it. in the case where you use the mail connector, the mail connector can't update the ticket either. this means if you send an email to a customer on close and they respond to it, you'll get a new ticket - not good. instead, I would change the status to resolved instead of closed. then either have a scheduled rule change the status to closed later or review tickets to do it.

that brings us to how to change the status to resolved or any status for that matter.

I'd suggest using activity templates. for instance, you create an activity template called resolution. that template sets the category of the activity to resolution. then you have activity business logic setup behind the scenes to set status to resolved and completed time to now when activity is created with category resolution.
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