When one machine reports, it knocks another out of the DB

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When one machine reports, it knocks another out of the DB

Postby reganj on Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:14 am

Hi everyone. This may have been covered before, but I've searched around and haven't found anyone else with the same problem, so here goes.

We use Asset Navigator 4.5, and I've found that when certain computers are updated in the database, others are then removed. So pc1 gets updated, then pc2 updates, knocking pc1 out of the db. Odd eh?

Has anyone else seen this?
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Postby moroz on Thu Sep 13, 2007 5:03 pm

Your problem description indicates that the application was unable to uniquely identify a certain number of your machines. The most common reasons for such a behavior is a PC Cloning Software Issue (several computers have the same identification parameters).

When the Inventory Analyzer audits a computer for the first time, an ina32.ini file is created. This file is usually located in C:\Windows (or C:\WINNT depending on the OS you’re running) or C:\ina32, and contains system and hidden attributes. This file contains some information specific to each PC.

If an ina32.ini file is copied from one computer (audited with our products) to another, their audit files will have the same identification parameters. They may overwrite each other or cause audit loading errors.

If you make an image of a previously audited machine for cloning, please delete the ina32.ini file from the image. A new ina32.ini will be generated during the next audit.
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