Inserting attachment directly to SQL

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Inserting attachment directly to SQL

Postby gunders on Wed Nov 22, 2006 5:46 am

We are currently using Alloy Navigator Version: 5.1.1, Build: 303 and its webhelpdesk. The database is running on our SQL serverer (MS SQL 2000).

In addition to the Alloy software we are currently developing a php based system to generate hmtl reports. What I want to do is to add the html report directly to the Work order as an attachment by using a SQL query from the PHP program.

The data in the report will be stored in an own database on the same server (for reference and the possibility to generate whatever report we would like from it later on), but what I want is to create a single html file, and attach it to the related work order.

I also want to extract some data from the inventory system, but I assume that it will be quite easy to get the data I want with a simple "SELECT * FROM `some stuff` WHERE `some stuff`= `asset tag`" or something like it. However, I have not started to look into this yet.

How should I use SQL queries to insert attachments to a work order?

Any input is apreciated, and since english is not my primary language, please excuse me from any linguistic errors ;)
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