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Postby Ziggy on Fri Oct 20, 2006 9:30 am

I've got the same question; how can I integrate Crystal Report Designer into Alloy Navigator after it is installed?

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Postby pille on Fri Oct 20, 2006 3:19 pm

Alex, you hijacked this thread lol

Ok, let's take one at a time.

Originally posted by alexmaldonado
I purchased Crystal Reports XI Developer Edition and created custom reports but when I go to reports and load from file, and click on it and ERROR INVALID INDEX is all I get.

This error is typically caused when you create a report in Crystal Report where the connection is something other than A5 will accept. A5 is looking for reports using the OLE DB (ADO) - Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

See the information below on configuring your reports as they should be.

[/quote]Configuring Crystal Reports XI Developer for SQL Databases
ID: KB000660 Modified: 7/17/2006 4:21:40 PM
Version: 0.1

Depending on the version of Crystal Reports you are running these instructions may vary. These instructions were written with Crystal Reports XI Developer Edition in mind. Other version will be fairly similar, but not exact.

When creating a new report you will be prompted with the Standard Report Creation Wizards and you will be asked to select an Available Data Source. If you're already in a report, you can access this from Database > Database Expert.

1. From under Available Data Sources, select "Create New Connection"
2. Expanded "OLE DB (ADO)"
3. From the list of Providers select "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server" and click Next
4. Provide the credentials for your SQL server
5. Click Finish

You should now have a connection to your SQL server. Simply add tables or views that you would like to report on.[/quote]

Ziggy, here's a more complete blurb on A5/Crystal Report integration.

In order to fully integrate A5 with Crystal Reports you'll need to purchase the Crystal Reports XI Developer Edition. Once purchased, either through Alloy Software or elsewhere, we can provide you with the plug-in version of Crystal Reports called, Crystal Reports Designer, allowing you to use the Design Report feature in A5.

Unlike the Crystal Reports XI Developer Edition you are entitled to a full site license for Crystal Reports Designer, but you must own Crystal Reports XI Developer in order for us to provide you with it.

If you currently have a version other than the Crystal Reports XI Developer Edition you can still export, import, create and modify reports for use with A5, however you are not entitled to the Crystal Reports Designer plug-in so you won't be able to edit reports from within A5.

See related information to opening reports in older version of Crystal Reports - ... 016567.asp

Let us know if this doesn't help.
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