Modifying asset files

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Modifying asset files

Postby adisinternational on Wed Jul 06, 2005 5:21 pm

We have our entire production environment reporduced in a physically seperate LAB environment for testing purposes.

This means that for every one of our servers, there is another machine on the LAB networj with the same name, same IP address, same hardware etc (although the serial number will be different, of course).

I want to import the lab servers into our AN hardware inventory in the production environment so we can see how many of the various licenses etc that we are using, but of course AN is going to get confused when I try to import a asset file for a machine with the same name and IP and such, and overwrite the other one by changing the serial number rather than adding them seperately.

I thought about scanning all the LAB machines and then manually editing the files to add _LAB to the names or something like that, but they're binary files so they can't be edited. Any ideas as to hoe I can get around this so I can add all the LAB servers into our production db?

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Postby dimout on Thu Jul 07, 2005 8:12 am

Asset Navigator uses a unique ID to mark a computer. So most likely it is going to be relatively easy to add your twin LAB computers into Asset Navigator's database. In fact the only complication you may run into is a bunch of conflicts reported upon audits loading but it can be easily overcome by unchecking duplicate policies checkboxes in Administrative Settings.
It is telling between these twin computers in Asset Navigator that is going to be a problem for you. As a possible solution a user defined field can be used to flag twins.
- Run Depoyment Wizard
- Enable Interactive Once or Interactive mode
- And add a custom input field
- Then run administrative settings in Asset Navigator
- And while in the field mapping section map your custom input field to a UDF
- Now audit your LAB computers and enter some value into the custom field

This way after loading the audit files you'll be able to sort the LAB computers out in Computers List by using the autofilter option and showing fields having a specific flag field for example.
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