PC Cloning workaround creates more problems

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PC Cloning workaround creates more problems

Postby houghton on Mon May 23, 2005 1:03 am

Hi There,

It is quite likely that when cloning a machine [with Symantec Ghost for example], the deletion of the ina32.ini file before taking the image may be overlooked.

We are running the Inventory Analyser via a login script. I thought maybe if we deleted the ina32.ini file before inventory analyser runs each time maybe it would get rid of the issue of cloned machines overwriting the original PC's adt file.

However doing this created another problem.

It seems that an *.ADT file will only overwrite a file created using the same unique ina32.ini file. So, if the ini file is deleted and recreated each time a user logs on, then after 5 logins from one PC there will be 5 inventory files waiting to be uploaded (in comparison with the one file that is overwritten each login)

It make sense initially that when a new ini file is created that if a file already exists that already has the default name [COMPUTERNAME_MACADDRESS] that another filename is used instead. However, on further thought, a MAC address is a Unique ID, therefore shouldn't an identical *.ADT created by another PC, if the ina32.ini file has just been created, be close to impossible?

Mind you, although I am interested in the reasoning behind the above, i guess the more important question is:

Has anyone found a good workaround to ensure that when a machine is cloned the ina32.ini from the original machine doesn't get copied to the cloned machine and mess up the asset database?

Thanks in advance :)
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