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The new version (3.0.5) of Network Inventory Navigator is no

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2003 5:54 pm
by Support Team
Version 3.0.5 includes several bug fixes, as well as a new 'External Tools' feature which will allow you to launch a network management application (such as ping, VNC, or SMS) pointed towards a PC just by clicking on its entry in the Computer List. Also included is an improved Deployment Wizard with the ability to create custom registry searches and custom manual input fields, and the new 'Getting Started' manual to explain the trickier parts of the audit deployment process to new users. The WhatsNew.txt file in the docs folder of version 3.0.5 contains a comprehensive list of changes.

We are offering a free upgrade for all user's of Network Inventory Navigator 3.0 - contact if you want the upgrade. The Personal Edition of 3.0.5 is available for free from this website for anyone wanting to try out the new features.