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Updating Organization field on computers

PostPosted: Thu Jan 20, 2011 2:19 pm
by david.fortin

I believe I am correct when I say that the organization field for a computer is populated by the organization membership of the owner (user). When I change the Depratment field for a user in AD, force an AD sync, I can then go to Org management, people, and view that the organization changed to reflect the change in the department field in AD. However, the associated computer record that user is on, did not get the org name change. How can I affect this change without manually having to do it for tons of computers?

Re: Updating Organization field on computers

PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:00 pm
by janstonselig
In my db I have trigger #655. Not sure if it's same for others. It seems that's what sets the organization field to the requester's. The only thing is, it only seems to work on created/modified.

I'd create a scheduled rule to run and do the same thing if the info is becoming outdated waiting for the discovery sync to run.