Exporting All Rows

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Exporting All Rows

Postby MCC on Thu Feb 21, 2002 2:48 pm

I was testing out Network Inventory
Navigator 2.5 and wanted to know if there is
a way to export all of the fields that were
obtained during an audit. i.e. When I choose
export all rows it exports 11 fields. Is
there any way to export IP address, Monitor,
display adapter etc?

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Postby Support Team on Thu Feb 21, 2002 3:28 pm

Uniftunately, this level of detail cannot be achieved easily. If you wish, you may obtain this information from the .adt files, however this requeres somewhat advanced programming.

What is the purpose of such a detailed export? Please note that the latest version of Network Inventory Navigator provides a web publishing feature. It generates separate sheets for each computer with the detailed configuration information.

Best regards.
Support Team

Postby MCC on Fri Feb 22, 2002 10:03 am

Thanks for the information. I don\'t know how important it is to me to have that
ability but it could be useful.

For example, if we wanted to replace a certain type of monitor, it would be much
easier if I could make that one of the columns as opposed to opening up individual
reports. Or if we were having problems with a particular video card with certain
applications it would be much easier to make that one of the columns etc.

Again thanks for the help.
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Postby Support Team on Sat Feb 23, 2002 1:25 am

We will consider this feature for addition.
Thank you for your input.
Support Team

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