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Can't start: tblmain:Duplicate field name '_'

PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 6:57 am
by xmasupport
Hello all,

I can't run Alloy Network Inventory, I get the above error message when the program starts.

I click ok, and after that I get an error message for each of my 70+ PCs that have been audited previously. I click Ok 70+ times, and eventually Network Inventory starts but the records screen is blank - the database of assets seems to be damaged somehow (they won't display, and the records within can't be updated from audit files that are beng generated ok as the PCs log in).

This all started when the server the software is on ran out of drive space.

Has anyone seen this before?

Is there a means of repairing the database somehow (in MS Access directly perhaps?)?

Kind Regards

Mik the Finn

PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2007 11:35 am
by moroz
Yes, there is an option to repair the Access database. You should run the RepairDB.exe utility found in the ‘bin’ folder. For details on how to run the utility please refer to the Help file, section ‘Other Asset Navigator Tools’. If the utility does not help, most likely you will need to revert to your latest database backup copy or start a new database.