Re-inventory of Machine that has not changed

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Re-inventory of Machine that has not changed

Postby Vneal on Thu Jul 18, 2002 5:45 pm

I\'m testing various methods to run the inventory on my network. I am using my workstation as the test machine and ever since I ran the first inventory I cannot get it to run again.
I read in another thread that the inventory process creates a file on the local machine. Where is this file and/or how can I reinventory this machine?

Thanks in advance, we really like the product so far.

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What schedule have you created?

Postby Raymond on Thu Jul 18, 2002 10:43 pm


When you run the deployment wizard you should choose the audit schedule. Say, if you have schedule to run for every one week, then your PC will be audited again after 7days since your last audit. Please check it.
You could, on the other hand, add some parameters to force the audit to take please regardless of your schedule. you can type \'ina32.exe /?\' for more details about the parameters.
The audit program does create a ini file inside your PC after the audit has been completed. This ini file is ina32.ini, which is located at your default root directory (ie, \"C:Winnt under Windows NT/2000\" and \"C:Windows under Win98\"). You can also delete this file so that the audit program will pretend that your PC has never been audited before.

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