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Trying to resolve conflicts

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 10:08 am
by lsnarskis
Trying to resolve conflicts
I the getting started guide

To resolve audit conflicts immediately, click Yes to open the Resolve Audit Conflicts window.
To ignore conflicts and return later, click No. You can always double-click the Conflicts
message in the status bar, or choose Tools | Check for Audit Conflicts command.

I don’t have Check for Audit Conflicts under tools ?

For more information about resolving conflicts, please see the embedded on-line Help system.

I went to the on line help to resolve conflicts and it is the same
Manually Checking for Audit Conflicts
You can always manually check for conflicts, even if you've disabled Automatic Checking for Audit Conflicts. To manually check for conflicts, choose Tools | Check for Audit Conflicts.

I now about Asset Tag conflict but how to resolve Serial Num conflict the on line help tell me to
The Resolve Audit Conflicts feature helps you track conflicting audit snapshots and clean duplicates from your Inventory Repository. For more information about audit conflicts, see the Getting Started Guide shipped with Alloy Network Inventory.