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USB doesn't work after Inventory is run

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 12:14 pm
by bowacer
Testing out your product, got it all setup right. Running from a Novell script it gathers info correctly however we have signature pads that use a USB connection, when the inventory is run it does something to the USB port causing the USB device to stop functioning, is there a fix for this?

failed tech response - trying again

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2005 5:57 pm
by bowacer
How does NIN gather it's hardware info? The vendor of the signature pads we use would like to know so they may troubleshoot.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2005 12:39 am
by Support Team
This forum is for general questions only. To troubleshoot a particular issue please submit a problem report via - this way your issue can be properly logged, addressd and tracked.
For this reason we are closing this thread down. All future communication must be conveyed through proper channels.

To speed the things up, here is some info -
ina32 issues a series of several low-level IOCTL calls to enumerate and query USB devices.
Apparently this particular device (or rather the device driver) is not fully USB compliant.