Computers Won't Import

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Computers Won't Import

Postby avidbio on Mon Nov 08, 2004 7:29 pm

I'm using AN 4.4.0 Ent., and I created a new database. For some strange reason, the "empty database" comes with 301 crap software products already listed. So, I selected them all, and deleted them, not adding them to the ignore list. Then when I go to import audit data, it fails, with the error:

[11/8/2004 3:21:56 PM] [ERROR] INSERT statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint 'FK_Soft_Installations_Soft_ProductsSoft_Installations'. The conflict occurred in database 'Helpdesk_Software', table 'Soft_Products', column 'ID'

If I don't delete the 301 products, the audits import just fine. What's wrong?

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Postby mhull on Tue Nov 09, 2004 11:31 am

You should not delete software from the software products list. If you wish to eliminate products from it, just use grouping/filtering facilities to do so, or ignore them in Software Recognition Manager. By design, the software products list is not supposed to reflect what software is on your network, it is simply a repository of all products detected on your network + a list of predefined products. If you want to see what software is actually on your network, you should refer to the software installations list.

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