Manually adding of machine and Auto Add

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Manually adding of machine and Auto Add

Postby PowersL on Wed Jun 23, 2004 9:50 am

Just need to understand how the INA32.exe file works. I'm I right in thinking that when you run INA32.exe, it create a unique ref number in the c:windowsina32.ini which belongs to that PC. The audit is then performed and you can import the machine into asset navigator ok. This bit I understand (although tell me if I'm wrong).

If we manually had a PC and then we run the INA32.exe on the machine at a later date, we will get a conflict on the import because it'll see 2 records with the same netbios name (Unique Key we've chosen). So we need to overwrite the relevant record. In this case, should we never add a machine manually and let the INA32.exe program do it all for us so that it records the info and creates this unique record number?

Third, we lock down our machines so I don't think they will ever be able to write to the c:windows folder. What sort of problem will this cause?

Thanks for your help.

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Postby mhull on Wed Jun 23, 2004 12:22 pm

If you manually add machines and later import .adt files for them, you will have to do conflict resolution. So you shouldn't manually create computer records unless there is some compelling reason to do so. It is better to let Audit Loader create computer records, and then do whatever manual data entry you need to. Should you decide to do manual entry, make sure you read the Help article Resolving Audit Conflicts first so you understand at the outset what sort of behavior you are likely to encounter.

As far as locking down c:windows, ina32.exe needs to be able to do one of the following:

1. Read/write access to c:windows
2. Read/write access to c:ina32
3. create c:ina32 with read/write access

So since option #1 is not available in your environment, you need to make sure the second or third alternatives are available to ina32.exe.

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