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Location License

Postby Ddiggler on Fri May 24, 2002 10:22 am

I need some clarification on this location license scheme. Does one location really equal one LAN or is that per physical location? This would qualify as one LAN ( but may be spread across 50 physical locations.

This is what is on your order page...
Location License:
All prices listed on this page are for a single location (one location = one local area network) license only. Installations at multiple locations require a separate license for each location.
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Postby Support Team on Wed May 29, 2002 10:13 pm

This is correct, one location is one LAN. It is assumed that all LAN users login on the same server and run the Inventory Analyzer (ina32.exe) from a single shared folder.

We believe this makes more sense because it is often very hard to identify what a \"physical location\" means - one office?, one building?, one mailing address?, etc.
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