My thoughts on the serial numbers Comments?

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My thoughts on the serial numbers Comments?

Postby kev on Wed May 08, 2002 6:19 pm

Havent had time to test this, and figured might throw this out and
see if anyone has.
Could the reason that the serial numbers of some systems, we use Dell alot, be because the bios version is not up to date. I have noticed that quite a few systems that havent returned a serial number have bios in 99 and 00.. and thoughts?

By the way, think you guys need another section called.... TIPS...
would be nice to share the info...

great product too
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Postby Support Team on Thu May 09, 2002 12:05 am

Thanks for the suggestion.

Serial number of BIOS and computer model are being detected through WMI.
If you are running Windows Me, 2000 or XP, then you already have WMI and these values should be detected (if they actually exist). On Windows 95, 98 and NT4 WMI needs to be installed manually, it is awailable for downloading from Microsoft: ... seid=18490
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