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hide ip address field

Postby serraivan on Tue May 07, 2002 11:31 am

I have the ip_address field in my template file

Caption=\"IP Address\"

But frequently I can\'t see it on the select fileds menu and on my computer list
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Postby Support Team on Wed May 08, 2002 2:02 am

It looks like in some cases the IP address cannot be detected.

In order to research this problem we would like to ask you to run ina32.exe with the debug option:

> ina32.exe /debug /force

and then e-mail us the log file that will be produced.
Thank you.
Support Team

Postby serraivan on Wed May 08, 2002 3:11 am

Ok but if i have the field in my template file and the ina32 doesn\'t detect the ip address why can i see the empty field on my computer list?
anyway my problem is another, because on my *.adt files i have the ip address information, i have already saw these information in NIN but sometime when i run again NIN i can\'t see the field, it disappear on my computer list and on my select field menu, i don\'t know why.
Thank you again
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Postby isamoylov on Wed May 08, 2002 3:25 pm

I see the same results, but have tied it to when I change the fields that I want to see it is removed form the list. The only way that I can see it again is to remove and reinstall the application. I have tried adding to the adl file, but it looks like it is only reading the file once.:(
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Postby Support Team on Thu May 09, 2002 12:11 am

This is a confirmed bug, we are going to provide a fix in the next release.
Support Team

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