Some information doesn't appear...

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Some information doesn't appear...

Postby Mat on Thu May 02, 2002 12:53 pm

I don\'t know why but some information doesn\'t appear, like:

* The operating system product key
* All informations about motherboard
* ...

And i\'m afraid that Network Inventory Navigator (i use version 2.6.0) does not show any software product key :mad:

That\'s for the problems, in fact i really enjoy your product and it\'s features which are terrific, like html reports... :D
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Postby Support Team on Wed May 08, 2002 1:35 am

The issue with software serial numbers is that not all manufacturers keep this information in the open. However, for those that do, we are going to implement that in the next release of Network Inventory Navigator.

Unfortunately, motherboard information cannot be obtained reliably, it depends on the motherboard manufacturer.
Support Team

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