possible improvements for NIN.

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possible improvements for NIN.

Postby rholmes_uk on Mon Apr 22, 2002 7:29 am

Is it possible that such things as below could be implemented into the next version of NiN.

1) expiry of computer system audits, IE, if the audit frequency is set at say once every month, make it so that machine which do not get updated audit sheets after maybe 2 months (2 times the audit frequency) get deleted from the audit list???

2) Addition of custom rows, being able to define your own row to appear in the audit program for say \"Unique tag\" or \"Computer number\" so that the user can enter they\'re own custom information for a computer in the audit list.

3) ability to delete all selected machines from audit would be nice, as at the moment (v2.6) it only deletes the currently highlighted one, not all the rest that are highlighted.

4) Sometimes in the audit list duplicate machine names still appear, for instance on terminal servers or NT/2000/XP Machines were multiple users have logged in, is there any way to add something that will keep the latest audit of that machine *name* and get rid of duplicate entries with just different user names?

I hope some of the suggestions above arnt too abitious. If you think some may be useful, it would be nice if you could implement them.

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Postby Support Team on Mon Apr 22, 2002 10:31 pm

Thanks for your suggestions, they make good sense.
#4 however, raises a question. Does the terminal server have a hard drive where ina32.exe can save its local settings?
Support Team

Postby rholmes_uk on Tue Apr 23, 2002 4:11 am

The terminal server does have a hard disk where it could save its settings, but I thought the audits were meant to be saved to a global network location? I dont understand why It would need to save its settings locally ???

We run the audit program from our login script by the way, and the only problem at present is multiple machine entries for NT based systems (which can contain several profiles).
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Postby Support Team on Tue Apr 23, 2002 5:55 pm

ina32.exe saves the last inventory scan date on the local hard disk. When a new user logs in, ina32.exe checks the scheduling options and calculates how many days has passed since the last scan. Based on this comparison, it figures whether it should take another inventory scan. So, if your inventory scan interval is set to, say, one day, then ina32.exe should take an inventory snapshot only during the first login. All consecutive logins during the day should be ignored.

Also, ina32.exe needs to be able to save a unique audit identifier that is assigned to .adt file produced on that machine.

Muliple snapshots for the same computer may be caused by one of the following:

1. You are using an older version of Network Inventory Navigator (or an outated Inventory Analyzer - ina32.exe). The latest version is 2.6.0.

2. Ina32.exe is unable to store its information on the hard drive, and therefore it generates a new ID every time it runs. - You might want to check if there is ina32.ini file in the INA32 folder on your system disk. If not there, then it might be in the windows directory.

Please run ina32.exe manually for the command line on the terminal sever using the following options:

> ina32.exe /debug /forceinventory

RUN IT TWICE to produce two debug log files. Please e-mail the files to support@a-navigator.com for analysis.

Thank you
Support Team

Postby vernonhelp on Wed Apr 24, 2002 4:47 pm

1) As long as this feature is not enabled by default I don\'t see a problem with it. In my environment it\'s possible for a machine in certain areas not to be used for a long period of time. I\'d hate for someone to not notice this option being enabled and wonder why their PC\'s keep disappearing.

2) I\'d really like to see this option

3) This too would be handy

4) Never experienced this- not running terminal services at this facility
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My workaround

Postby jsp91470 on Tue May 14, 2002 7:08 pm

I have the same issue of computers appearing multiple times on a terminal server. My workaround is to change the way that the login script runs the NIN program. rather than just having it run for everybody, I put this into Kixtart:

IF @wksta <> \"terminalserver\"

run \\servershareina32.exe


IF @userid = \"pick-a-user\"

run \\servershareina32.exe



I tell the login script that for every ohter computer except the terminal server, run ina32.exe. On the termnal server, run it only if a particular user logs in, in this case me (you\'ll want to pick a user who logs in regularly). Then you can delete the duplicate entries.

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Postby Support Team on Thu Jun 27, 2002 2:21 am

In the new release of Network Inventory Navigator (3.0.1) we have implemented a new feature - the exclusion list for ina32.exe. The exclusion list is configured through the Deployment Wizard.

We hope this would save everyone some time developing work-arounds in the login script.
Support Team

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