Audit Schedule/Delay

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Audit Schedule/Delay

Postby cscitltd on Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:41 am


I have ina32.exe running as part of a user's login script. My question is it will currently re-audit the PC every time a user logs on...Is there a way to get the program to understand the PC has been scanned within the last x days and not to scan again until that time has passed? This it to save network traffic as the audit files are being sent over their WAN.

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Re: Audit Schedule/Delay

Postby accmpls on Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:20 pm

In your ina32.cfg file you can modify the option "InventorySchedule" to equal "1" to enable a schedule. Not 100% sure if the old settings still work for the current ina32.exe version but you can then specify "InventoryScheduleDay" to equal one of these or however many days you wish it to run:

InventorySchedule=0 (Each run)
InventorySchedule=5 (Every 5 days)

Of course, this won't prevent the clients from downloading the executable over the WAN every time, but you could modify the login script to run another script to check a local file or file date and use an IF statement to determine whether to execute the ina32. Also, there should be an ina32u.ini file in the %systemroot%(C:\WINDOWS) folder that has a field like this: LastInventoryDate=40409.5086712384 that somehow equals date.time.
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