Audit data is loaded to wrong computer

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Audit data is loaded to wrong computer

Postby mromann on Tue Oct 09, 2007 2:51 pm


We are using Asset Navigator Version 4.5.3 Build 1602.

Some audit data files are loaded to wrong computers. I can't see why this happens. Asset tag, computer name and serial number are different to audited computer. Also software was installed with a different image.

Is there a way to say audit loader which computer has to get audit data?

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Postby moroz on Tue Oct 09, 2007 4:55 pm

Your problem description indicates that Asset Navigator is unable to uniquely identify some of your computers. The common reason for such a behavior is a software cloning issue (several computers have the same identification parameters). When the Inventory Analyzer audits a computer for the first time, an ina32.ini file is created. This file is usually located in C:\Windows (or C:\WINNT depending on the OS you’re running) or C:\ina32, and contains system and hidden attributes. This file contains some information specific to each PC, such as manually entered Asset Tag, Audit ID, etc.

So if an ina32.ini file is copied from one computer to another their audit files will have the same identification parameters. As the result, the audit snapshots from the cloned machines will overwrite the computer records for the ‘image’ machine in the database. If you make an image of a previously audited machine for cloning, please delete the ina32.ini file from the image. A new ini32.ini will be generated during the next audit with the correct, PC-specific parameters.

Ina32.ini can be found by running 'attrib /S ina32.ini' from a c:\> prompt. Finding the file via Windows Explorer, Find, etc. requires that several Windows parameters be correctly set, but the attrib method works without fail.

Note, in most cases the application generates a name for the audit snapshot based on the computer name and a few characters, for example TGO2P_GFT0927O306C1.adt. If the Inventory Analyzer creates an audit snapshot that does not match the audited computer name, most likely you have a cloning issue.
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