PC isn't being audited

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PC isn't being audited

Postby ascibell on Fri Apr 16, 2004 11:18 am

When I run ina32.exe on this pc it doesn't create an file in the Audit folder and this appears in the global log. I'd appreciate any help. Every other computer audits correctly.

11:09:17 AM - <%%
Module Version:
11:09:14 AM - AUDIT STARTED:: Computer Name: [HELPDESKSPARE], MAC Address: [00:A0:CC:2C:32:67]
11:09:14 AM - Command Line: "\\hhcadminauditina32.exe"
11:09:14 AM - Version:
11:09:16 AM - SMB Entry Point: 000F0800
11:09:16 AM - SMB Checksum: 2F
11:09:16 AM - SMB Entry Point Length: 31
11:09:16 AM - SMB Max Struct Size: 79
11:09:16 AM - SMB NumberOfSMBIOSStructures: 28
11:09:17 AM - Last Inventory Date: 4/16/2004 10:07:05 AM
11:09:17 AM - Inventory Schedule: Monthly, Bias: 5/1/2004, Passed: 0, Result: SKIP
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Postby mhull on Fri Apr 16, 2004 2:55 pm

You have set your audit schedule to monthly, and last audited that machine today. As such the audit will refuse to run again until May 1st. If this is not the behavior you desire, you should run Deployment Wizard again and change your Inventory Schedule parameter.

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