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Error 500

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 4:55 am
by enscred
Following the challenge attachments, I followed KB000006 and now impossible to get connected to selfservicedesk

AN5HDU.AnitInternalRequest error 'ASP 0104: 80004005'

Operation unauthorized

/ selfservicedesk / scripts / main.asp, line 144

or with IE
500 error

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:29 am
by moroz
This error can be received by running the command without required parameters, for example:

cscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/ASPMaxRequestEntityAllowed size

You should specify the actual size, the maximum value is 1,073,741,824 bytes.

You may receive a 403 error when you use an ASP request to upload a large file in Internet Information Services