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SNMP Connection

Postby BLerch on Fri Jul 06, 2007 10:27 am

I dont know if this would be asked too much, but sometimes I miss a feature on Hardware Items.
Many devices are able to communicate their status by SNMP. It would be great if I could trigger a SNMP request to the device and get the very basic data like MAC, HostName, DeviceType, Location etc. displayed and put into the database of AlloyNavigator.
I would not like automatic detection ore trap receiving, there are other tools to watch and report on SNMP devices. I just dont like to type in MAC addresses for each printer, UPS, Switch and so on manually.

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Postby pille on Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:33 am

Yes, a discovery ability similar to what we have in our Alloy Network Inventory 4.2 product, but that only works for computers and lacks a database backend.

We already have a feature request in our system to add this to our Alloy Navigator product. I'll add your request there.
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