Tickler/Reminder for actions?

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Tickler/Reminder for actions?

Postby jwilcox on Wed Jun 27, 2007 12:08 pm

Is there any way to mark an action with a tickler/reminder?

Example - I frequently have incident tickets that become involved with much back & forth between multiple parties. I may be waiting for a response to an email to one person from a week ago, a response to a voicemail to another person from three days ago, a vendor reply, etc.

In the same actions list, I've got various emails/phonecalls/discussions back and forth on other aspects of the same situation.

These really aren't large problems that need multiple tickets, we just have to coordinate with lots of people even on some minor issues.

It would really be helpful if there was a way to mark items that I need to handle or that I'm waiting for - as it is, they can get lost in the midst of all the other actions.

It doesn't necessarily have to be complicated - I previously used Outlook tasks for this type of tracking and I just used colored fonts to mark the different items so that I could spot them easily as I scrolled through.

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Postby pille on Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:20 am

Sure, there's tons of ways, but you just need to figure out what situations you'd want it to happen and how you'd want it to be shown.

As an example, say you have to ask the requester for additional information. You can have the system change the status to Pending (requester) when entering an activity with the category Email Requester.

This is just a simple example since I don't have any idea what your requirements are, but in the end you have to have to:

- determine the situation
- determine what you want to happen
- setup business logic and possibly templates to make it happen
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