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Error trying to Browse Requester

PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 4:15 pm
by bwernsing
Just upgraded from 450 to 453 everything its working great except this. In Tech Helpdesk when editing a ticket, there is a new button 'Browse' that has replaced the dropped down menu from 450. When clicking browse I get the following:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01b6'

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'TicketFilter'

/techhelpdesk/ViewUserList.asp, line 179

this also happens when clicking the ... on the ticket history page next to the requester text box. I believe they are both trying to go to the User List.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 9:12 am
by bwernsing
Problem fixed. Had to do some windows updates.