Autoregistration (Not self) isn't working.

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Autoregistration (Not self) isn't working.

Postby DSR on Wed Feb 25, 2004 6:36 am

Hello (again).

Have another problem with the automatic registration of domain users in the SQL Database...

My config:

- AN Enterprise edition
- Windows 2000 server SP4/IE6 SP1 (French)
- SQL Server 2000 (French) (Accpets SQL and Windows loggin)
- IIS on the same server than SQL Server

I tryed to follow carefully the readme to enable the automatic registration of my domain users.

I checked "Enable automatic registration for authenticated windows users"
and tested the following configurations :

1) Authentication = Windows + Impersonation = off
Result : Error: Localization item 'MSG_LOGGED_INVALID_USER' not found

2) Authentication = Windows + Impersonation = Basic (Username + PW of a HD technician configured)
Result : Error: Invalid user name or password.

3) Authentication = Standard + Impersonation = Basic (Username + PW of a HD technician configured)

Result : (After typing login name + password of a domain user) Invalid user name or password

In one word... Looks like any combination of automatic registration of an user fails.

Does someone have a good idea or a workaround???
I do NOT want to use "Self registration"

Thank you for your help


P.S: Any more precise release date about version 4.3 and/or the french localization
P.S: As a 4.2 owner, can I upgrade for free to a working version (4.3 or any other)
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Postby mhull on Wed Feb 25, 2004 1:44 pm

Since your users are in custom OU's, you cannot currently use auto-registration. This will change as of 4.3.

4.3 will be a free upgrade for registered 4.2 users.

There will be several localizations included with 4.3. We do not have a French translator, so French will currently not be one, though we certainly hope to add it if possible.

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