Service Task Manager - nothing happens

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Service Task Manager - nothing happens

Postby PaulMoxey on Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:06 am

We've been running Asset Navigator enterprise 4.5.3 for a while now.
I've decided to finally get some escalation alerts going, but with minimal luck.
We've always had notification of new issues to the user/technician working fine.
I've created email tempates for the escalations and then created some escalation criteria in service task manager (stuff like, alert non-actioned after 4 hours, alert/remind user when 'wating for user response' etc etc)
When we test the escalation alerts, they work fine and we get a flood of email to the technicians (no jokes about just fixing the users issue please! :roll: )


Even after 'enabling' the various task manager/tickets notifications... nothing happens.. There's a bunch of calls that I would expect to produce a nice subtle 'reminder' to the technician, but zip zilch nada. Again, when I click "test" for the various alerts the mail flies on through.

What are the requirements to get the timed alert notices sent? At present I've chosen to alert daily (Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm - so blackberries dont go nuts all night) but where do I go from here? Nothing seems to be logged in event log for application or anywhere else to say "I tried to alert but failed". SMTP new issue emails work fine and no SMTP authentication is required. Service Task manager "Notification options" has the same settings (Mail server IP and port) as administrative settings/connectivity
Unsure if it's needed but SQLServerAgent is running...

Where do I go from here? :?: :?: :?:
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Postby moroz on Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:25 pm

I recommend that you simplify your Escalation Tasks for troubleshooting purposes. Clear all check boxes and specify one email address in the Other field (Escalation Task Properties form). Will it work? If not or adding more recipients brakes the functionality, submit a formal request to Support ( for further assistance.
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