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Service Task Manager-Helpdesk Notifications

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 6:49 pm
by bearnav
I am currently running Asset Navigator 4.5.3 Enterprise edition and I am having issues with the service task manager, particularly with adding ticket notifications to the helpdesk. I have recently created a new database and moved the Asset Navigator data from a Windows 2000 Server running SQL 2000 to a Windows 2003 Server running SQL 2000 also. After importing the database from the other server everything seems to work fine, but the service task manager. It is almost like the module for the helpdesk ticket notification service task module is missing. I get the error below each time I try to configure the ticket notifications for the helpdesk.

The Specified @category_name ('AN41_HelpDesk_Tickets_Notification') does not exist

any ideas?? I do not want to have to recreate my data. Thanks,

PostPosted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:15 pm
by moroz
This request has been recently processed via the normal support channel (email to, quote:

When Asset Navigator creates a new database it also adds three new records to the syscategories table in the msdb database (a special database for keeping miscellaneous system info). These categories are used by Service Manager Tasks. If the account that you use to create the database does not have enough rights there is a chance that those three records won't be created.

I recommend you the following workaround.

1. Create an MS SQL user with enough permissions to run system stored procedures and modify tables in the msdb database (or run the stapes below as SQL Server Admin).
2. Run Anit /newdb to create a new database. At this step the new categories should be created. The categories are shared between all databases.
3. Login into your production database and make sure that the issue is no longer reproducible. Delete the extra database.