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Preventative Maintenance

PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 1:28 pm
by stacyt
Perhaps there is already a way to do this but I am not familiar enough to locate.

I am interested in a Preventative Maintenance schedule feature. For an asset I would like to identify PM requirements and have work orders automatically generated a specified time period prior to the due date. Once the work order is completed the next due date is scheduled.

With this feature I could possibly expand the the use of Alloy beyond the I.T. group and into the maintenance department with assets now including our manufacturing equipment To do that a PM module would be needed.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 12:31 pm
by pille
Hi Stacy 8) ,

It's not possible in Asset Navigator 4, but you can schedule tickets to be created in Alloy Navigator 5, it's successor.

Basically you setup a template, fields you want to be populated with the values, set the ticket type you want to be created and then a schedule. So the ticket would be setup like you want it with an assignee, etc. etc.

It's good for situations, weekly backups or printer maintenance, etc.