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Postby jlowthert on Fri Jun 18, 2004 11:09 am

I was just wondering when a we could be expecting a new version. We have been on 4.3 for a while now and there are quite a few "upcomming features" mentioned in these forums. Many of them I am looking forward to a lot. They should make a good product even better. Also is it an incremental 4.4 release or a major 5.0 release? Thanks for any answers you can give me.

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Postby mhull on Fri Jun 18, 2004 4:32 pm

4.4 will be out in a couple of months and 5 is scheduled for Q4 2004. 4.4 will included most of the minor improvements/bugfixes that have been mentioned (but no new features,) and version 5 will include significant new functionality.

As always, these are tentative dates, and we probably will not be posting any 'definite' release date.

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