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auto assign tickets

Postby kagtech on Fri Apr 30, 2004 2:03 pm

In the helpdesk category field of a ticket I am going to add some more options for certain software apps that I want the users to choose. Is there a way that I can auto assign based on the category field. For example a user puts ticket in for category type "install" and it's auto assigned to me but if the category type is "printer" it's tech B.
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Postby mhull on Fri Apr 30, 2004 2:09 pm

No, it is not possible to auto-assign tickets.

Postby Steve Moss on Fri Sep 17, 2004 12:35 pm


We are just about to go live with our Web Help Desk and this feature would be really useful feature, and help speed up email notifications to our technicians.

Does anyone else agree and if so could this be worked into a future release?

Thanks, Steve
Steve Moss
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Postby moroz on Mon Sep 27, 2004 2:16 pm

This feature will be available in the next major release (version 5).
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