IP info and File Summary

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IP info and File Summary

Postby cgause on Tue Jan 29, 2002 9:43 pm

I installed Network Inventory v2.0. Now I can not see IP info, and File Summary. I made a wizard configuration, but it didn\'t work.
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File Summary

Postby Support Team on Wed Jan 30, 2002 4:45 pm

To view file summary you need to uncheck the \"Detailed Scan\" checkbox in the Deployment Wizard across the file type you would like to include in the summary.
For example, to get a summary on all .dat files add a new file mask - *.DAT in the list of scanned files and make sure the \"Deailed Scan\" checkbox is unchecked.
Support Team

IP address

Postby Support Team on Wed Jan 30, 2002 4:50 pm

The older version of Network Inventory Navigator used to report IP addresses even for server (DHCP) assigned IPs. Since these dynamic IPs are not permanent, and they don\'t let identify a computer uniquely, the decision has been made to exclude them from the list of reported IP addresses.
Support Team

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