Feature Summary

On-Demand Audit

On-Demand Audit is a mechanism of remote detection and inspection of networked devices and computers for up-to-the-minute hardware and software information. There is no need to deploy an inventory agent, and typically no configuration changes on remote computers are required. The audit is carried out in real time, and the snapshots are delivered directly to the central repository.

Other Audit Methods

In situations where there is no direct network access and therefore the On-Demand Audit cannot be used, Alloy Discovery Express offers you other audit options. Agent-based and portable audit methods can be used for computers on external networks or standalone (non-networked) computers.

SNMP Support

Alloy Discovery Express supports the discovery and identification of networked devices (printers, scanners, network routers, hubs, switches, etc.) using the SNMP protocol.

User-Defined Fields

Using user-defined fields you can maintain custom information about computers and devices in your inventory. For example, user-defined fields can be used to track the physical location, vendor/support information, your notes, etc.

Unicode Support

Alloy Discovery Express supports Unicode for entering, capturing, and displaying data using national characters.

Data Analysis

Flexible data filtering, grouping, and sorting enables you to conveniently analyze your inventory data. With the point-and-click interface of the advanced filter you can create complex filtering criteria to achieve the desired level of detail.

Reporting and Charting

Alloy Discovery Express provides a comprehensive set of standard reports and charts for general use (such as “Assets by Operating System”, “SNMP Devices”, “Top 10 Software”, etc.). The layout of any standard report can be customized, or a new report can be created from scratch by using the integrated Report Designer.

Web Publishing

Web Publishing enables you to access your inventory data from the convenience of a web browser. You can export audit snapshots in the form of interactive, drill-down HTML pages, ready for publishing on your Intranet.

External Tools

The External Tools feature enables you to run various remote or network management tools and utilities from a context menu for any detected computer or network device. For example, you can ping, open the Computer Management console, or initiate a remote management session with any computer in just a couple of mouse clicks.

Snapshot Pruning

The configurable pruning feature automatically cleans the Computer List of redundant information resulting from computers no longer being audited.

Data Reporting

Just apply the necessary filtering or grouping rules to any data grid, and you can easily print out the entire contents of the grid as an on-the-fly report.

Data Export

With Alloy Discovery Express can export all the details of your audit snapshots to XML. You can then easily import the XML format into all types of databases, or integrate it with a third-party software. You can also export audit data in HTML, CSV, or Excel formats.

Quick and Flexible Deployment

Alloy Discovery Express offers multiple configuration options for its audit agents to support a wide array of deployment scenarios:

  • single and multi-domain networks
  • workgroup networks
  • external and isolated networks (DMZ)
  • non-networked (standalone) computers





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