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What is Alloy Discovery Express?
Alloy Discovery Express is a comprehensive network inventory solution for network administrators and IT service providers. Targeted for small and medium business environments, it offers a compelling menu of best-in-class features and usability, delivering accurate and up-to-date information in a matter of minutes.
What size organization is Alloy Discovery Express targeted towards?
Alloy Discovery Express is targeted for small and medium business. The product is also a great fit for IT service providers looking to quickly gather all information about hardware and software on their clients' computers and produce relevant reports.
How quickly can I audit my network?
You can audit your internal Windows domain or a Windows workgroup in a matter of minutes.
What is an Agentless Audit?
Alloy Discovery Express uses an advanced On-Demand Audit technology to examine Windows, Linux, and Mac OS workstations on the internal network remotely without the need to install software agents on every computer.
Will I be able to receive assistance with planning my Alloy Discovery Express implementation?
Yes. Our Professional Services staff is here to provide the support, training, and consulting you may want to use in order to gain maximum value from your Alloy Discovery Express deployment. Our staff members are not only experts in using these products, but they are seasoned IT veterans with solid knowledge and extensive real-world experience in IT.

Migrating from Alloy Discovery 5 and Alloy Network Inventory

Will I be able to upgrade or migrate from Alloy Network Inventory or Alloy Discovery 5 to Alloy Discovery Express 7?
Alloy Discovery Express supports the upgrade from Alloy Network Inventory version 4.2 and Alloy Discovery 5. During the upgrade your configuration settings will be automatically migrated into Alloy Discovery Express.
How will upgrading to Alloy Discovery Express benefit my organization?
The benefits of upgrading to Alloy Discovery are outlined on the Upgrade Benefits page.
What is the cost to upgrade to Alloy Discovery Express?
The upgrade price depends on several factors including the number of computers in your inventory and the version of Alloy Network Inventory or Alloy Discovery from which you are upgrading. Please contact our sales team so they can analyze your requirements and provide you with an viable quote.
Can Alloy Software help me plan and implement my upgrade?
Yes. Our specialists can thoroughly examine your current practices and business priorities to develop strategic and technical plans for the migration.

New Customers

What are the key features of Alloy Discovery Express?
Key features of Alloy Discovery are described on the Features Summary page. You can also download the product's Data Sheet to learn more about its features.
What is the cost of Alloy Discovery Express?
The price depends on a number of factors including the number sites where the product will be installed and the number of computers in your inventory. Please contact our sales team so they can analyze your requirements and provide you with a price quote.
Will I need to buy a database server software to use Alloy Discovery Express?
No. Alloy Discovery Express does not use a database. Its audit snapshot repository is file based.





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