New in Version 8

Communicate with Style

Generate eye-catching, professional looking communications by leveraging new HTML tools aimed at helping you communicate with style and efficiency. Rich-text formatting and inline image support provide you with the ability to thoroughly document issues and illustrate solutions, ensuring your users and team members communicate productively.
HTML Support

Track your Chromebooks

Alloy Navigator Express 8 leverages Google API to extract Chromebook data and incorporate it throughout Alloy Navigator’s workflow. Now you can collect and report on inventory data, and perform system management tasks on Chrome devices. This integration provides you with conveniently consolidated view of your entire Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook computers, as well as mobile and other networked devices providing even more comprehensive asset management capabilities.
Track your Chromebooks

Receive up to the minute updates

Stay on top of your tickets, work orders, and other objects with the new live data views. Now you can see changes from other users without having to reload the data or wait for the next refresh cycle. Updated information arrives to your screen in the background, transparently to users, and what is most amazing, with virtually zero impact on performance!

Ensure Users are Compliant

Version 8 adds the ability to manage and track compliance for named user licenses. This license type indicates that the corresponding software product can be installed on multiple systems and the license remains compliant as long as only the designated person uses the software.

Quick Reporting from the Web

Now Web Portal users can export data from grid views into various formats, such as CSV, RTF, Excel, and PDF.
Quick Reporting from the Webs

Give your Self Service Portal a Makeover

Customizing the look-and-feel of the Self Service Portal is now super easy thanks to LESS. The dynamic nature of LESS helps applying colors quickly and consistently with stylesheet variables.

Give your Self Service Portal a Makeovers

There is More!

In addition to the great features listed here, we have also implemented visual  improvements, extended your ability to customize the product and have made it easier to automate the way you work. You can focus more on the needs of your customer while saving your organization time and money.  



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