Product Benefits

The top-5 benefits and reasons to use, upgrade or switch to Alloy Navigator®:

Improve the user experience and communication within the company

Alloy Navigator provides a consistent user experience that simplifies how customers, IT personnel and managers communicate with each other and interact with data and processes.

Increase productivity by automating everyday tasks

Take advantage of out-of-the-box workflows for automating and initiating common business activities such as escalation, approval and project-related tasks. No matter how simple or complex, modifying and customizing your own workflow processes is made easy without any coding.

Leverage industry best practices

Establish guidelines that adhere to the ITIL framework and other industry best practices. Based on ITIL principles, Alloy Navigator helps your organization implement and improve the efficiency of IT service delivery aligned with industry-proven guidelines and the current processes and priorities of your business.

Reduce costs and realize a return on investment (ROI)

With Alloy Navigator’s competitively low price, you can significantly reduce upfront and annual costs for licenses, support and maintenance. You will dramatically reduce labor costs with the product’s fast implementation, ease of administration, and extremely straightforward and flexible workflow automation system - all which does not require programming or consultants.

Maximize the value of your IT investments

Alloy Navigator provides the tools and capabilities needed to maximize the value of your organization’s IT investments. With measurable improvements, Alloy Navigator can help your business adapt and respond quickly to change, track IT assets and financial data, achieve compliance, streamline operations and manage services.





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